Yes, all our DJI drones are brand new and sealed in their original packaging. They are not unboxed, returned, refurbished nor second hand items.

Yes, Absolutely. If for any any reason you require a serial number to verify the authenticity, please feel free to contact us.
Please follow one of the prompts below:


Service line: 1300 090 802.

Email: support@dji.com

Live chat: http://www.dji.com/support, select “ONLINE SUPPORT”, select your Product.
If there is a manufacturing fault with the device such as a D.O.A (dead on arrival) either internally or externally, then this will allow warranty to take hold.

The next step would be to send the drone to the distributor/supplier. (this information is given to the customer upon purchasing the drone)

Once the distributor/supplier is contacted they will then have direct correspondence with the customer and advice you step by step the process involved via call or email.

A form will be required to be filled out for warranty purposes upon contacting the distributor/supplier.

Yes, all our DJI drones have AU/local warranty.
In general the drone body itself has 1 year warranty, the rest of the accessories, such as the battery(ies) and remote controller, have 6 months warranty.

Yes, all our drones are AU version.
Yes, we have been doing DJI drone and accessory deliveries across local and greater Sydney region's both day and night for approximately 3.5 years.

If you require your drone be delivered within Sydney, please contact us to arrange same day delivery as well as a place and time. Please note there is an additional fee for delivery depending on location.
Yes, pick up options are available, please contact us to arrange a time.

We have been selling and delivering DJI drones across Sydney and interstate for approximately 3.5 years.

We only accept 2 payment methods:

1) Cash upon pick up or delivery (please contact us for these options)

2) Paypal (pick up, delivery and online purchases)
Yes, we provide each and every customer an invoice/receipt upon purchase.